About Me


I did not know I had "Donna, A Photo Memoir of Love and Loss" in me. I knew I had memories. I knew I had grief. I knew Donna and I had a surprisingly complex story. I knew closure was not an option. Closure is a myth. Closure is indifference. Closure is denial said pretty. What I didn't know was the redemptive nature of story telling and the discovery of what was lost and unknown. 

In 2016 I wrote and essay about my suicidal ideation following Donna’s death. I submitted it to an essay contest on a suicidology Web site. The essay did not win. I shared it with a dear neighbor of mine who speared me on to write more. The more I wrote the more of this book took shape and the more I discovered about me, Donna, love, and loss. 

“Donna” is a memoir putting together pieces of life into a life and times of touching and magical memories. During profound loss and grief we can all find bits of light to beat back the darkness and illuminate joy and love.